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Unconditioning Yourself & Getting Back to Pure Alignment – 007

November 12, 2019


Imagine this pure, luminescent pearl… it’s cool to the touch and absolutely mesmerizing. It’s ultimate perfection and purity. Though we may not want to admit it, many of us are chasing after this pearl – this highest expression of — well, of everything. Of ourselves, our spiritual path, and when we discover sacred sensuality, of sex too. But in order to get to this pearl, we have to cut through all the societal conditioning and programming that’s been building up all of our lives (and past lives). The process feels endless. The pearl feels elusive. Even when we try to make it about “the journey,” we still really fucking want that pearl. This episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast is all about getting into pure alignment — and wrapping our heads around that frustrating little pearl.

Getting into Pure Alignment – Not What You Expect

This podcast isn’t exactly what you’re expecting. It’s not about how to become your best self or 5 steps to reprogram your subconscious mind. Instead, I introduce an alternative route – the one to true freedom. The path that finally allows you to exit the rat race – that includes the spiritual rat race. Getting into pure alignment isn’t what you think…

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