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Mastering Orgasmic Timing & Feminine Desire Play – 038

July 1, 2020


Astrologically, this is a year of great transformation and increased consciousness… and holy moly am I feeling it! Whether you follow astrology or not, you may also be feeling things shifting and arranging in your life and even new desires awakening inside of you. Maybe you’re experiencing more mood swings than usual… Maybe you have this urge to dive into Tantra and spiritual sex (you’re in the right place by the way 😉 ) And maybe, like me, you’re feeling more reclusive and having moments of identity crisis lol. However your spiritual journey is unfolding, in this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing how to embody your feminine energy daily and create from a place of rich presence and surrender.

What is Orgasmic Timing?

So, you’re probably wondering: what the heck is “orgasmic timing”?

Well, I’m gonna be honest: This week, I went out of my comfort zone and didn’t prepare any notes before recording. So straight up just a girl with her mic and a cup of tea this week. And as I was looking for the words to communicate what I wanted to teach, on the spot, “orgasmic timing” came out…. and it felt right!

What I’m calling “orgasmic timing” is that sweet spot when you’re in flow with life and everything is hitting the right spot. Now, this is NOT about “perfect timing” or having everything be “ideal.” This is about right timing, meaning that even though things don’t go the way you think it will, you’re able to realize that the unfolding is just right for you and the outcome is even better, even more pleasurable than you could’ve even imagined.

Honestly, it’s kinda how I’m feeling about this week’s episode. It’s not releasing on time, but something just feels right and downright orgasmic about releasing it today 😉

Understanding Subtle Energy and Intuitive Signs

In this episode, I was really in this gazy space of nuances and deep body connection – ahem – which I love, but I know can feel a bit esoteric at times. So, if you’re not incredibly attuned to subtle energy or the little “whispers” of the Universe, don’t sweat it!

This is as much an energetic transfer as it is a spoken conversation. Listen with your Pussy. Listen with your body. Listen with your whole being! And I promise you’ll receive exactly what you’re meant to receive from this message.

(And if you feel led, you can always come back to this message in a couple months and see what blooms.)

Alright, Goddess, get ready to have your world turned upside down. Cheers to surrendering to the orgasmic timing of your life!

Inside the Episode

  • What’s orgasmic timing and how to surrender into it
  • The misconception about desires and manifesting that makes most people feel imprisoned and trapped by their desires
  • How to tune into your body to experience more flow, ease, and pleasure
  • The daily practice to access true freedom and liberation from the ego
  • My guiding principle aka the words I live by (can you guess?)
  • 3 Ways to Embody the Feminine & Find the Orgasmic Timing on a Daily Basis

Links Mentioned

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