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Expanding Your Vision of Love Fulfilled (Queen Training #2) – 017

February 5, 2020

Are you playing it small when it comes to love? Where are you settling in love and not allowing yourself to receive the love you really desire? This week’s episode is Part 2 in the Queen Training Series. I’ll be sharing some of the most common ways we bring a lack and scarcity mindset into our quest for love. I share from the perspective of a single woman, but whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll find resonance in what I share. Love is an action. It is a continuous act of choosing and opening one’s heart. So, even if you’re in a relationship, listen to see where you have let parts of your juicy love affair dry up or grow sores and wounds. How can you expand your vision of love fulfilled to manifest the love you really desire and, if you’re single, attract your soulmate?

How to Attract Your Soulmate

Specifically, I’m sharing a definition of “soulmates” that will totally shift your current perspective. The common definition and understanding of what a soulmate is will have any woman acting out of scarcity or fear. You may be afraid of releasing lovers who don’t treat you like a true Queen because you’re thinking “but this is THE one… I have to stay with him.” And if you’re dating, you get caught up in the mental drama that makes it difficult to trust your intuition and knowing because you’re too busy obsessing over if someone is “the one” or not.

Well, what if you could attract more than one soulmate? What if “soulmate” doesn’t actually mean what you think it does.

This re-orientation around soulmate relationships will help you to relax and be more at ease when it comes to love, staying present and active with the fact that in every moment you have absolute choice and are not limited or constrained to any given lover… put simply, this will shift you into Creatrix mode and out of victim mode.

Ready to love like a Queen?

Inside the Episode

  • How to give up the “either/or” and stand for the “and”
  • The common misconception of what a soulmate is that’s probably got you acting out of fear and lack
  • Why staying in Creatrix mode is so important during dating
  • How to expand your vision of love fulfilled and attract “the right guy”
  • What Queens do, instead of settling
  • What to stay away from when dating
  • How to trust yourself again after being betrayed/cheated on

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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