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Last Longer in Bed with Breathwork – 082

January 7, 2022

Most men are not experiencing their full sexual potential and don’t even know it. Since male sexuality is ubiquitous in our society, we often assume we know all there is to know. But chances are, you’re only scratching the surface. Men are actually able to last from 20 minutes to hours during sex and can orgasm *without ejaculating.* In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’ll be covering how you can train your body to last longer in bed with breathwork.

Inside the Episode

  • The mistake many men make when trying to learn how to last longer (which can be very harsh on the body)
  • How my technique differs and why it’s more gentle and healthy for the body
  • What is breathwork
  • How breathwork can affect your arousal rate and sexual energy
  • How to last longer in bed with breathwork
  • The power of breathwork to heal and extend your orgasm
  • The right mindset for sexual mastery

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