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Kissing the Ground with Your No – 055

November 17, 2020


I swear, setting boundaries is like the flossing of relationships: If you didn’t grow up doing it and one day you finally decide to be a responsible adult and floss (probably after a miserable trip to the dentist), it probably hurt like sh*t the first time. I’m talking bloodshed, tears, cursing… but you really hate the dentist, so you keep doing it anyways. And eventually it gets easier and you feel so much better every time you do it 😌 And now, when you go in for that check-up, you get to smugly say “Why yes, horrible dentist person. I do, in fact, floss my teeth. I’m not a child!” Ok, you get the point lol. In this week’s episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m taking you through another long-winded metaphor – this time about flowers… and fields… and kissing the ground. It’ll all make sense in a moment 😅 Tune in to learn how to set healthy boundaries that you can actually brag about at your next therapy session.

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Nothing grows without good boundaries. And there’s simply no way out of boundary setting if you want a healthy relationship and longer-lasting love.

Still, so many women avoid setting boundaries or feel paralyzed by the task of setting boundaries, because many of us have been encoded with the belief that it’s safer to fawn – to be the good girl and nice woman, rather than say “No.”

Maybe you’re even afraid that if you dared to set a boundary you might lose love, money or miss out on opportunities… 😔

It can feel excruciating and that’s why I’m making the process a whole lot simpler and clearer in this episode. By the end, you’ll uncover how to set healthy boundaries in your current relationships and say that “No” you’ve been avoiding 😉

It all starts with a changing the way we view boundaries to begin with…

Inside the Episode

  • The sticky toxic web most people get stuck in when they’re afraid of setting boundaries
  • Why setting boundaries is the highest act of love
  • What kissing the ground with your no does NOT mean
  • How and when to say NO
  • Boundary Setting Guided Practice
  • A cute little Kissing the Ground meditation
  • More info on my 6-week program, Pussy Elixir – doors open now!

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