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How to Leave a Relationship (even when it feels impossible) – 068

March 4, 2021


how to leave a toxic relationship, photo of me by a tree

We can feel so ashamed when we’re choosing to be with someone who doesn’t treat us right. Don’t worry. This episode isn’t me all up in arms, telling you that if you don’t leave then “you don’t love yourself.” And I’m not going to be lecturing to you that you “know better.” Because that’s not what you actually need to hear when you’re feeling stuck in a relationship you know you need to leave… but just can’t. So, buckle up. The hug monster is here. There’s wild wild love inside 💗 Tune into this Woman Gone Wild Podcast to learn how to leave a relationship (even when it literally feels impossible).

How to Leave a Relationship… When it’s Really Really Hard to

I’ve had a few women share with me on Instagram that this is something they’ve been struggling with. They know a particular relationship isn’t serving them and yet they can’t leave.

And I know the feeling. When I first started dating, I definitely had a scarcity mindset. I clinged to the first “good guy” I found and even though he made it abundantly clear he wasn’t that into me, I was so afraid to let go, I bent myself into a pretzel, ditched my deep longing for devotional partnership, trying to get him to stay.

He left anyways.

That had to happen about 10 more times for me to finally build the strength to stop waiting for someone who’s not a good fit (but a decent guy) to leave me, before I started mustering the courage to leave relationships that don’t serve me as soon as I get that awareness.

It wasn’t easy at first. And it took a TON of healing.

And as you’ll learn in this podcast, there’s a couple reasons why it feels impossible right now (some of which aren’t even your fault!) and the best way forward is to treat yourself with lots of love and compassion.

This applies to non-romantic relationships too..

This conversation also applies to family, friends, and work relationships. If you know it’s time to walk away from someone or decrease the level of intimacy with them but you just can’t bring yourself to, then DEFINITELY give this episode a listen.

Seriously, you’ll thank me later 😉

inside the episode

  • Why you’re feeling “stuck” in this relationship
  • The most common fears and unconscious programming that stops most of us from leaving
  • How to overcome them
  • The 4 Steps to leaving even when it feels impossible

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