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Upgrading Your Romantic Fantasies – 056

November 23, 2020

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Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it. Do you have a romantic fantasy that you daydream about over and over again? And have you been doing it for years? Honestly, I kinda thought this was just a weird thing that I did, but I’m now starting to think that there’s a lot more of us doing it than I previously thought… I mean I know everyone fantasizes, but how common is it to fantasize about the same thing over and over again for YEARS? And what effect does this fantasy have on our relationships and/or dating life? In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild podcast, I’m sharing my personal fantasy and the major AHA moment I had last week that finally motivated me to give it a serious upgrade. Healthy romantic fantasies are a thing – here’s how to create one.

Healthy Romantic Fantasies that’ll Transform Your Love Life

Fantasizing has kinda gotten a bad rap over the past years. Especially as we’re all seeking to be more conscious and present in our bodies, rather than so in our heads. But, if you’ve worked with me or listened to me for some time, you know I’m not an all or nothing kind of girl.

I’m not completely against porn. I won’t shame you for vibrator use or using plant medicine to reach ecstatic states. I think that pleasure accelerators like vibrators, porn, and fantasies are all tools and using them consciously is more important to me than berating and judging ourselves.

I don’t want you to feel dependent on these tools, but free to play with them whenever you want.

And romantic fantasies are no different.

And let’s be real, covid makes dating and meeting new people a little tricky. If a romantic novel or fantasy helps you stay sane right now, then go for it.

Butttt, make sure you’re toting a healthy romantic fantasy and not one that can sneakily trap you in a YA novel you seriously don’t wanna live…

Inside the Episode

  • Romantic Fantasies: Dos and Don’ts
  • The romantic fantasy I daydreamed about since I was a teenager
  • …and why I finally decided to change it last week 🙉
  • How to cultivate healthy romantic fantasies

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