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Pleasure & Activism: The Effects of Racism on ALL Bodies and How We Can Heal with Pleasure – 035

June 12, 2020


Ok, I’ve had sooo much resistance towards recording and uploading this week’s episode. And you can tell because I’m finally uploading it and it’s Friday… (I typically release on Mondays lol). In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m contributing to the conversation on how to be anti-racist… in what I hope is a new and refreshing way for you!

Using Pleasure to Heal from the Effects of Racism

The past two weeks have been heavy. I’ve taken numerous breaks from social media and it took me a really long time to really find the words and the message that I wanted to share.

But alas, clarity has arrived – and I’m so grateful that I didn’t succumb to the fear of saying the wrong thing and just stayed silent, which I know is crippling so many of us.

***And if you’ve also been struggling with finding the “right” words, I just want to let you know that it’s wayyy more important that you have these difficult conversations and mess up rather than stay quiet and hide away from the discomfort.

And my hope is that the tools I share in this episode on how to incorporate pleasure into this process will help you to show up more confidently and with more compassion for yourself and others as we all embark on healing from the effects of racism.

P.S. I also explain why incorporating pleasure isn’t just a nice thing to do but a MUST.

Inside the Episode

  • The effects of racism on the physical, emotional, and energetic body
  • The connection between racism and shadow work
  • Why any kind of othering and dehumanizing enslaves the entire population
  • 3 Ways to Incorporate Pleasure into Healing the Effects of Racism
  • Why it’s so important to let pleasure fuel your activism

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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