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“Are my hardcore rough sex fantasies healthy?” – 062

January 21, 2021

Woman and two lovers in bed, Are rough sex fantasies normal?

Asking for a “friend”? Don’t worry, I’ve got answers 😉 Hardcore sex and extreme fantasies can mean different things for different women, but wherever you sexual edge is, I want to help you answer that burning question: “are rough sex fantasies healthy? …. and what about the extreme ones?” Tune into this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast to shed the shame, embrace your fantasies, and learn what they’re trying to tell you.

Are rough sex fantasies healthy?

Are you a roaring feminist, like myself? If so, it’s natural that you might be feeling a little conflicted about some of the fantasies that turn you on – especially when their experiences that you wouldn’t feel safe having in real life.

So, if it’s not something you would do IRL…. then is it healthy to fantasize about it??

I’ll be answering this question and diving into the sticky bits with you in this episode, so hit play and learn what may be happening on an emotional and somatic level when you let yourself go “there.”

Inside the Episode

  • What’s “extreme” or “hardcore”?
  • Why our brains fantasize
  • What your emotional body may be longing for when you have hardcore rough sex fantasies
  • An empowering take on fantasies and how to embrace yours
  • My personal rule of thumb

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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