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Guided Breast Massage for Better Orgasms – Fall Equinox Practice – 049

September 21, 2020


Can your breasts be the true key to orgasmic bliss and not your clit? The Fall Equinox practice is here! And it’s a must-listen. The rise of sex-positivity has everyone obsessed with the clit. And with good reason. But what if your little magic button isn’t actually where the money is? What if your tits could top your clit? Tune into this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast to uncover the magic of your tits and a fully guided practice teaching you how to do a breast massage yourself.

How to Do a Breast Massage and Why

There’s lots of different ways to approach a breast massage. Depending on your technique and intention, what you get out of each breast massage will be different.


As I mention in this episode, I use a specific massage and breathwork technique with clients, but, for simplicity, you’ll be working with your intuition in this practice. Feeling for where there’s tension and following what feels good.


Last week, I invited our community to vote for what you wanted this practice to be about. About 40% of you want to experience more pleasure and better orgasms this Autumn. And that’s exactly what I’ve designed this practice for!

Making the Practice Your Own

Still, as you’ll notice, I gave lots of room for those of you who want to set a different intention for the Autumn. So, tune in. Learn the practice. And incorporate it into your self-care routine and make it your own.

What You’ll Need

  • Skin-Friendly oil (optional)
  • Journal for reflection (optional)

Inside the Episode

  • The health benefits of a breast massage
  • How to do a breast massage
  • How to increase breast sensitivity
  • What has shifted for me since I started doing regular breast massages
  • Myth Buster!! – Is the clit really supreme?
  • Guided Breast Massage Audio Practice

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