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From Chastity to Tantrica: My Ascension into Wildness – 005

October 28, 2019


It feels like all my life has been leading up to this moment. They say the truth will set you free, but it took years of inner work, of coming to a place of love and acceptance on the inside to feel free in enough to finally embody my inner wild woman and share this truth with you today. My little personal motto (that I’m sneakily hoping will catch on lol) is: You get there by being, not by arrival.

And that means, whoever it is you want to “become,” it’s only through conscious presence and embodiment that you transform.

Discovering My Inner Wild Woman – From Chastity to Tantrica

In this week’s episode, I share my story and my history of sexual shame… or as much as I could cover in an hour!

I had no idea what I wanted to share with you, I just had a title and the deep knowing that it was time to finally share this story.

My hope is that you will find parts of your story within my own. That you’ll lean in with your whole being, mind, soul, pussy and all, until you gather enough courage to take a step off that ledge.

The Literal & Figurative Ledge

The ledge that I was standing on was one of “purity,” “chastity,” guilt, shame, and wrongness. I spent my entire life trying to fix myself and praying for redemption and salvation. My earliest memories were those of shame and impurity. Until my body plunged me into depression a few years ago, forcing me to wake up and completely reconstruct my entire reality, I was sure that a step off my ledge would mean a plunge into the depths of a literal Hell.

But this Happened Instead…

When I stepped off that ledge, I wasn’t plunged into a burning fire. When I decided to embrace the wild and follow my soul’s calling, I encountered something truly beautiful and unexpected.

I encountered my own divinity and potency.

I found my way to true healing, bliss, and transformation. Eventually, I realized that I didn’t have to fear the fire, I could be the fire. And a step off that ledge didn’t lead to a deep plunge into irreversible despair. A step off that ledge led to the magnificent unfolding of wings I never knew I had… Turns out I was never falling or born fallen. This was my ascension.

From Chastity to Tantrica: My Ascension into Wildness

Your Invitation to Join the Wild Side & Unleash Your Own Inner Wild Woman

Whether you’re currently standing on a similar precipice, afraid and unsure of how to find your way our, or you’re on a ledge you think no one has ever survived from, this is your invitation to take the leap.

Brave the unknown. Follow your inner guiding compass. It may be hard to believe, but you were made to be wild. Even in the dark, you are innately equipped with the tools to navigate the wild.

So, come join me on the Wild Side ????

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