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Forgiveness Meditation & Reflection for a Magical 2020 – 012

December 23, 2019


Are you trying to bend and shape-shift to fit into places you’ve outgrown? We’re currently at the cusp of a New Year and a new decade. The decisions you make now, the intentions you set in the upcoming weeks, will impact the upcoming year and many years to come. In this episode, I’m sharing a forgiveness meditation to help you release any stuck resentment that still lingers, so that you can open up your heart and increase your capacity to receive more love and magic in the New Year. I’ve also prepared 10 New Year Reflection Questions to help set you up for a truly magical 2020.

(Can you guess my word for 2020?! MAGIC, baby!!)

What You’ll Learn

  • What identities I’m releasing in the New Year 😉
  • Why forgiveness is essential in the manifestation process
  • 10 journal questions to help you reflect on 2019 & set your intentions for 2020
  • A guided forgiveness meditation to release resentment and open your heart to love & deeper soul connection

Mentioned in Podcast

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10 New Year Reflection Questions:

  1. How have I grown? What lessons have I learned? 
  2. How have I matured? What wisdom have I gained?
  3. Where was my heart happy this year? What brought me pleasure, delight, and joyful intimacy?
  4. What can I celebrate about myself?
  5. How would I like to grow in the New Year?
  6. What do I want to create/keep on creating?
  7. How can I invite more ease & pleasure? (What habits do I want to leave behind in 2019?)
  8. What’s one thing I can do every day to bring me closer to my goals? (Allow your intuition to give you this answer)
  9. Who do I want to be this year? What is turning me on?
  10. What habits will bring me more pleasure in the long run? (Your life is really a cumulation of habits and routines!) 

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