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The Forbidden Pleasures – 024

March 23, 2020


Have you put restrictions on just how good you can feel or how good things can get? The systems that have created our society’s “forbidden pleasures” are systems of oppression that were created to keep the masses in check… while other’s benefited. In this episode, I’ll admit, I went wayyy deeper than I originally intended lol. This week, I’m sharing the history and psychology behind forbidden pleasures and a simple process to circumvent the system and claim your pleasure. This is how you take your pleasure back and reclaim your sexuality.

The Morality of Pleasure through History

I had a pretty tight episode planned lol, but once I got talking about the greater history behind pleasure, body, religion, and morality… I couldn’t really help myself. My academic study at Princeton University, delved into these topics and so I had to bring some of that perspective to you.

Over the centuries, pleasure has been used as an indication of one’s morality. This is most easily seen in our relationship with food and wellness, with one’s willpower being an indication of one’s morality or goodness. Even the foods we consume have been put into these categories of good and bad – which makes us feel subsequently good or bad for eating certain foods… even those these food groupings are ever-changing! Like is kale even “good” anymore?!

It’s all so silly and arbitrary sometimes, and that’s why I’ve brought in this perspective to help you understand the deeper currents that create our “forbidden pleasures.”

How to Beat the System & Reclaim Your Sexuality

Halfway through this podcast, you might find yourself thinking… well, FUCK. It’s a setup. Someone has been trying to pull my strings this whole time!

That’s why I’ve gifted you a simple process you can use to beat the system and reclaim your sexuality and pleasure. Whether you’re resisting your desire for wild sex or, like I found myself last week in the midst of coronavirus panic, resisting my authentic joy in order to express something that’s a little more socially acceptable – worry and sorrow. Whatever the pleasure you’ve been denying, this simple process will put you back in the driver’s seat. Now let’s ride that sweet horse to orgasm heaven!

Inside the Episode

  • The psychology behind forbidden pleasures
  • The origins of our current culture around food and wellness
  • How the moral element linked to pleasure & body is a byproduct of oppression
  • The fear of addiction as a tactic to create conformity
  • An emerging, holistic perspective on addiction & recovery that invites inclusion rather than separation
  • The hands-off nature of oppression that keeps the system going long-term
  • How to restore choice within systems of oppression
  • Why I disassociated from the Black community for a time- the empowerment I felt was missing but didn’t have words for until now
  • To create change we need awareness and ____
  • A simple process to access and embody the part of you that will allow you to choose pleasure

Links Mentioned

[If you’re listening on a podcast player – see the full blog post to access all the links]

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