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My Feel Good Practice for Abundance, Health, & Love – 023

March 16, 2020


Your ability to feel good is NOT dependent on your environment or the state of the world. With coronavirus quarantines, so many people are acting from a place of fear and lack, i.e. rushing to the grocery stores, purchasing more than they actually require, which in turn creates the very lack they are so afraid of. I know you may be wondering what the best methods are to manage your energy body at this time and maintain energetic boundaries that create space for authentic empathy, without clouding your own judgment and propelling you into the same state of chaos and fear. In this episode, I’m sharing a simple guided morning meditation to feel good.

You’ll learn how to tap into these good feelings at any point in your day! This is how to not just stay calm and grounded, but how to manifest abundance, health, and pleasure even in the midst of chaos!

Creating Energetic Boundaries vs. Feeling Good

So, the biggest misconception around energetic boundaries is that by setting up barriers we’ll be able to keep undesirable feelings out. But the truth is we often create these barriers from a state of fear which just brings the very things we’re afraid of into our realities because that’s what we’re focused on.

When we choose to feel our innate goodness, a process I learned from the author Richard Dotts, we instead cultivate and magnetize goodness into our lives. We’re not focused on trying to resist unwanted feelings. And, if you do deeper embodiment work with me, you’ll learn that these “negative emotions” are truly just doorways to all of our desires. As I’ll discuss in this podcast, by accessing this wellspring of good feelings – which is ALREADY present within you – you’ll begin to create an outer reality that is full of abundance, health, and pleasure.

Inside the Episode

  • Why trying to put up emotional boundaries can actually draw negativity to you
  • My unique perspective on the coronavirus and how it is an initiation into something greater… if you choose it
  • Two books that will bring you health and wealth
  • The straight forward formula to create more goodness in your reality from the inside out
  • A Richard Dotts inspired meditation that will leave you feeling oh so good and in love with life

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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