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Welcome + Releasing External Stories of Burnout, Self-Sabotage, & Commitment – 001

July 17, 2019


AHHHH!!! It’s here!! Welcome to the Woman Gone Wild Podcast!

This week’s episode is an example of what it means to go wild – to start messy, imperfect, and exactly where you are. I share a message I recordedon July 1st, just after I had taken our summer challenge: go for it. I talk about everything that came after all that massive action I was taking, including fears of burnout, self-sabotage, and not planning enough or being committed enough. It’s completely raw and intimate – I literally recorded this in my pjs just before bed lol – and though the recording is far from perfect, I loved the message that came through.

In this very first episode

I share how we may be creating stories of limitations based on these ubiquitous terms in the wellness sphere like “self-sabotage” and “burnout.” We all know the dangers of these and want to know the secrets to avoid burnout, but how much of the self-sabotage and burnout we experience is actually ours and how much of it are we creating because we’ve been told to expect it? And what are we really afraid of? What are we masking behind these terms?

Tune in to find out, as well as one step you can take today to begin to take back your power and keep creating and going after your dreams and desires!

Show Notes

As promised, here are links to the resources mentioned in today’s podcast!

Blog Post: The Self-Defeating Fear No One’s Talking About

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