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The Orgasmic Nature of the Universe – 045

August 17, 2020


This is possibly one of the sexiest episodes I’ve ever recorded. For most people, just the concept of energy orgasms or “energygasms” is a stretch– well, this week I’m inviting you to expand your consciousness and go beyond what you currently believe to be possible, not just in your body, but the Universe. Yea, we’re diving into the deep end here. So, grab your noodles. Ditch your mental constructs. And tune into this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast to discover the hidden orgasmic nature of the Universe.

Going Beyond Energygasms…

In my personal practice, I’ve been loving playing with my sexual energy.

Energy orgasms are orgasms that result primarily from a movement of energy through the body, in contrast to orgasms that are mostly derived from a focus on physical stimulation of a particular body part, such as the clit.

Personally, I’ve found working with energy to be the key to expanding my body’s pleasure capacity and making new orgasmic experiences, like anal orgasms and breast orgasms, possible.

I’ll be diving into these more specific orgasmic experiences in next week’s podcast, but this week, I just want you to open up to the possibilities.

I mean, what’s orgasm, really?

Inside the Episode

  • A poetic exploration of pleasure and possibilities
  • How I discovered the orgasmic nature of the Universe
  • Why pleasure is not dependent on your physiology
  • How working with energy can unlock your orgasmic potential

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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