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Conscious Clean-Outs for Rapid Manifestation – 003

September 26, 2019


There’s nothing sexier than… a clean room ???? Maybe it’s the PTSD speaking from growing up around clutter, but there’s nothing more appealing to me about a space than order and ample room. And guess what, the Universe thinks space is pretty sexy too ???? In this week’s episode, I’ll be sharing how your environment affects your manifesting power, ways to help you manifest fast, and introduce you to my sacred ritual to crafting my space so that it’s as attractive as possible to my desires.

In this episode, I’m getting personal. This is such a near and dear subject for me. I share a bit about my family and what it was like to grow up around matriarchs that had the “hoarding gene” and the lessons I’ve learned from that experience. I encourage you tor re-examine and refresh your own relationship with your environment and the things in it.

Conscious Clean-Outs for Rapid Manifestation

Show notes 

What does space mean to you? How can we cultivate a sense of space that honors and dignifies the present, while simultaneously drawing in our most intimate desires?

  • My personal experience with clutter and hoarding
  • What it may mean when you keep stowing all your best things away for some fabulous future
  • Everything in our environment is vibrating at it’s own energetic frequency
  • Clutter creates stuck, immobile energy
  • Everything in the Universe wants to contribute to you
  • You can work with your environment to change your reality and manifest your desires
  • Sacred Space – no longer available

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