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Boundary Setting for Recovering People-Pleasers – 095

May 13, 2022

Boundary setting can feel especially difficult when you’ve spent years, if not your entire life, doing literally the opposite. Instead of learning how to say no, ask for what you really want, and speak your limits, you built a habit of abandoning yourself and your needs, waiting for others to guess your needs instead of sharing them, and getting so lost in people-pleasing it’s most likely embedded in your identity and even the way you approach your work. If you’re a recovering people-pleaser, this week’s episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast is for you.

As a recovering people-pleaser myself, I’m sharing wisdom from my own journey to recovery and so many AHA moments, you should probably listen with a pen and notepad…

Inside the Episode

  • How people-pleasing infiltrates and confuses even our identity and self-concept
  • How people-pleasing trains the people in our lives to interpret our love and give less in the relationship
  • Navigating boundary setting for the first-time – things to keep in mind
  • Boundaries and the fear of relationships ending
  • Letting the real you come forward
  • My golden rule for attracting more love in your life
  • Boundaries as an act of self-love
  • How releasing people-pleasing allows us to become joyful givers and receivers

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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