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Body Whispering – 041

July 20, 2020

You ever get the sense that your body has a mind of its own? That’s because she does! And she’s always sending you messages. The only question is… are you receiving them? In this episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, you’ll learn what body whispering is and why it’s such an important part of not only keeping your body healthy and strong, but also thriving spiritually and having access to the infinite possibilities the Universe has to offer.

What’s Body Whispering?

Body whispering is what I’m calling the process of tuning into your body and listening to the little whispers she has for you, moment to moment.

Most people don’t start listening to their body until she’s literally screaming in pain and agony. And when I say “most people,” I’m including myself in this list.

As I shared in last week’s episode, I’ve taken a break away from social media and “business as usual” to go inward and tune into my own body. This series of episodes on the body is inspired by my own journey and where I’m at right now. I’m over waiting for my body to yell before I get the message.

I’m ready to start cultivating a relationship with my body where both sides are heard, attended to with love, and given what they need to thrive. Are you ready to come into glorious communion and matrimony with YOUR body?

Inside the Episode

  • The common beliefs and messages that may be causing you to distrust and fear your body
  • The spiritual teachings of the old paradigm that led to profound disconnection and alienation from the body
  • Divine downloads and visions I’ve received this year on the next level of body-mind-soul connection
  • The link between your body and Hotline Bling (yes, I’m talking about the Drake song lol)
  • What body whispering is and how you can get started today

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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