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Accessing Your Heart’s Innate Intelligence – 105

September 26, 2022


I was once gifted a small square pillow that read “Follow Your Heart ❤️” in college during a Galentine’s Day gift exchange. And I remember thinking, “This is so stupid. Why would anyone buy this? It’s so cheesy.” And yet here I am, about to give you the same corny advice 😅 Well, a few layers deeper. Because chances are you’ve never actually accessed your heart’s intelligence before – this deep space of knowing that is able to hold all things in love… have you ever really experienced it? In this week’s episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m giving you a proper introduction to the heart and sharing how to access your heart’s intelligence, because yes, the heart is innately intelligent and ***it has unique properties that cannot be replicated in the ego***

Last week, I shared with you the purpose of the ego and how accepting this purpose liberates us to not rely on the ego to do a job it simply cannot do. Well, this week, you’ll learn what desires you should bring to the heart (rather than the mind/ego), because the heart is uniquely equipped in ways the mind is not. Tune in to access your heart’s innate intelligence 💗

***This episode accompanies Month 1 • Heart Magic of the Bliss Body: Sexual Alchemy journey. To join Bliss Body and get access to this month’s heart magic practice, join the waitlist here.

inside the episode

  • Why going deeper into the heart scared me 😬
  • False imitations of “love” and how to recognize them
  • The heart’s unique capabilities
  • How the heart holds “boundaries” with fluidity and moment-to-moment awareness
  • Why suffering or healing can demand the heart to open
  • How to detect if you’re being motivated by your spiritual ego and not actually listening to your heart
  • The difference between actually embodying your heart and just thinking about your heart
  • The heart’s natural ability to hold boundaries and love at the same time
  • How the heart allows for natural detachment and present moment awareness

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