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Accepting the Ego – 104

September 18, 2022


What if you could be friends with your ego (rather than sworn enemies)? On this week’s episode of the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, I’m sharing how accepting your ego may be the very way to free yourself from your ego. Let’s face it. Fighting the mind doesn’t work. And why not? Because you’re literally using your ego to… fight your ego 😅 – it’s like Popeyes battling Burger King… only to find out they’re literally owned by the SAME company…

EXACTLYYYYY 👏🏾 The math will never math.

Instead, I want to teach you how to befriend your ego, understand its role in your life, and consciously use it as needed 💗

Inside the Episode:

  • What is the ego
  • Why fighting and resisting the ego never works
  • A metaphor for understanding the ego and presence and how they work together
  • Acceptance’s role in ego liberation
  • How to use acceptance to free yourself from your ego and shift into presence

Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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