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Tantra Yoga ▲ Pleasure Practice for Stress and Anxiety

March 24, 2020

There is a lot of uncertainty in the air…. and that can be stressful ???? That’s why I’ve created a simple practice to help you release some of that pent up stress and anxiety. I’ll be guiding you through an embodiment exercise to feel what is coming up, release it, and then invite pleasure. If you attended my free Live Practice last week, the Collective Healing & Pleasure Awakening Practice, which I held to support our community during this COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll recognize the backbones of this tantra yoga practice for stress and anxiety.

Why Release Stress & Anxiety through Embodiment?

Last year, I did a blog series on “Mastering Lower Emotions.” In each article, I shared how every limiting or “negative” emotion is actually trying to deliver a message to us. Anxiety is no different.

Anxiety and the stress that causes it are unique emotions. Anxiety is induced by internal stressors and not external ones. Even though we may perceive the threat to be external, like what we see as a definite bad economic conclusion to the pandemic, it’s still an internal stressor because the actual effects we’re fearing – i.e. becoming homeless, dying of hunger, etc. – aren’t actually happening in the present for most of us. Though I recognize these are very real possibilities for people, I’m speaking from the perspective of someone who has struggled with these fears for years (long before a global pandemic)… and never came anywhere close to these realities!

The fear is ultimately not about economic loss, but is actually the fear of death and it’s a future projection created by the mind to try to avoid an untimely biological end.

Why This Works

And though we can use mindset tools to shift our focus and focus on the outcomes we actually desire, as I shared in last year’s post, the core release must come from the body. Otherwise, the emotion becomes trapped in our energetic bodies and the memory of our cells.

This is how trauma can be passed down through generations in the physical body and through lifetimes in the energy body.

What You’ll Need

All you’ll need for this practice is:

  • A mat (you can use a yoga mat)
  • Comfy clothes
  • And you, sweet Goddess!

Somatic Healing & Pleasure Coaching for Women

I hope that this practice will give you a renewed appreciation for the body. This is truly just the tip of the iceberg! If you would like to go deeper into unconditioning and healing the body, awakening into your wild essence, and experiencing pleasure like never before: ✨ Explore working with me

I also have group immersions and more live practices coming soon, so be sure to ❤️ subscribe to the newsletter ❤️ and join my Pleasure Party!

Tantra Yoga ▲ Pleasure Practice for Stress and Anxiety

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