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are you ready for self-mastery?

You’ve seen glimpses of the power lying dormant within… the potential for your life, your relationships, your career… There’s something rising. Darling, you’re capable of so much more.

I guide mxn deeper into their primal sexual flow, deep knowing, and presence. It's time to liberate your life force energy from cock to crown...

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cock-throbbing episodes from the woman gone wild podcast

guided testicle massage for inner strength and vitality:

testicle massage for inner strength and vitality 

Pleasure is not just a skill, but rich, nutrient-packed natural resource. There's been various civilizations throughout history who have known this, but in the process of erecting buildings and industrialized societies, we've lost the true power of the penis. 

If you're like most mxn, your connection to your cock and sexuality has been overpowered by cultural narratives like those that say your cock is something outside of you that has a "mind of its own." This severing of cock from man, consciousness, and heart comes at a heavy cost. It reduces mxn to their sexual machinery and disconnects them from their true source of inner power. For centuries, this system has left mxn grasping at dying straws... 

It didn't start with you, but it can end with you. 

Your cock has so much more to offer.

Consciously connect with and experience the true power of your penis in this guided testicle massage for inner strength and energetic vitality:

The Kilpeck Sheela-na-Gig in Herreford, UK and an Ashbourne carving some believe to be a Sheela-na-Gig. Photos from the Wikipedia Common & Sheela-na-Gig Project.

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i help wild-hearted mxn integrate their primal sexuality, experience sexual mastery, and liberate their energy from cock to crown.

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the way you've been taught to fuck is de-sensitizing your penis. the male body is capable of so much more. from multi-orgasmic to transcendental ecstatic states, it's time to experience the magic of your cock

a whole new world awaits...

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