What is your 😻 trying to tell you?

experiencing numbness, tightness, pain, or discomfort? find out what it all means:

ooof, does this feel familiar?

You feel anxious/numb/disconnected during intimacy or avoid it all together. And it's not just during intimacy. You feel constantly on edge or guarded. Your mind is often racing and you find yourself escaping through quick gratification. Vibrators and visual stimulation are a must. You're highly creative and gifted, but procrastinate or self-sabotage frequently. You can't get yourself to consistently produce...

You're experiencing pain, stiffening, or feel like pulling away during intimacy.  It's almost like your body is rejecting connection, intimacy, and pleasure. Reaching climax is hard and you're silently freaking out inside. Sometimes, you just want to run away and hide. Intimacy doesn't feel safe and succeeding in other areas of your life don't feel safe either. You stifle your potential in your career and doubt your talent and leadership. Your true voice seems totally lost.

You have a general baseline of pleasure, but feel like you're holding yourself back from experiencing even more... You feel comfortable and stable in most areas of your life. You feel like you have a lot of things "together," but you want more and know that you CAN have more. But even the thought of having even better experiences makes you feel guilty and a little afraid/anxious. You don't want people to envy you. You don't know that you "need all of that." 

If any of these apply to you, you may have set an unconscious limit on how much pleasure you allow yourself to experience (in and outside the bedroom).

If feeling wildly orgasmic feels uncomfortable or inaccessible to you, then you've likely cut yourself off from your full vitality and spiritual potency.