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The Self-Defeating Fear No One’s Talking About

May 6, 2019

Question: Do you own a cape? Because you’re gonna need it for this one. This fear is the manifestation mistake you wanna reframe ASAP. Skip the lists of 5 zillion ways to be successful – this is how you step into your power.

The Fear of Potency

I don’t want to scare you, but I’m gonna let you in on a little secret:

You’re way more powerful than you’re willing to admit.

I’ve spent a lot of time exploring my fears of failure, intimacy, success, heights, you name it. But this is one fear that just hits me to my core:

The sheer magnitude of how powerful I am – now, that can keep a girl up at night.

But why? Why are we so afraid of just how big of an impact we can make? We’re trained to say that our life’s mission is to “make the world a better place” and “make an impact in any way we can,” yet to actually consider just how powerful we are, how much we can really create in our lives and in this world, makes us want to recoil.

Learning to Trust Your Power

It’s hard to trust something you’ve never allowed in your life before. For ages, women have been, to put it lightly, “encouraged” to relinquish our power and diminish it for the comfort of others and even the comfort of ourselves. If we don’t have to own that power, we don’t have to use it. But, the one thing this world is lacking is feminine energy and feminine power. If you really want to “make the world a better place” and “make an impact,” it’s time to step fully into that power, Dragoness.

What do I mean by “power”?

Although it’s tempting to try to define “power,” I’m going to lean on my own power of “word whispering,” as I like to call it, and trust that you know exactly what I’m talking about. You might have already gotten some images in your mind already. Maybe it’s your power to create a delicious life of travel and fine cuisine. Your power to attract a wonderfully generous and sensual life partner. Your power to paint beautiful works of art. Or, your power to manifest those ridiculously cute designer pumps you’ve been admiring on Pinterest…

Power is power. You know your own capacity.

One of my powers I’ve been playing with is manifestation. The ability to pull forward my desires into my reality with total ease and magic. Along with implementing my law of lubrication, acknowledging and owning my power is my current focus.

What powers do you know you have, but are diminishing? If you were using all your powers, what would your life look like? What contribution would you be to the world?

The Benchmark for Human Potential

You can probably think of more than a few times when you’ve been in your power and then self-sabotaged or pulled back out of fear. Fear is all in the mind, so, to liberate yourself, focus on what you want and open up to the possibilities. With your thoughts, choose to create an inner reality where it is safe to be fully in your power and incredibly gratifying to do so. Your power is infinite.

Jesus didn’t move mountains because it was impossible, he moved them because THAT is the beginning of human potential.

That’s Earth-shattering stuff. We are all made of the divine.

What powers do you possess and are keeping hidden? Where are you creating drama and poverty in your life, so you don’t have to step into your power and kick ass?

You don’t have to answer these questions. Just let them sit with you.

What I do want you to act on is this week’s comfort zone challenge. Join me in a little storytelling and bemusement.

This Week’s Challenge: Step Into Your Power through Storytelling

Now, let’s have some fun!

Get out your journal and imagine with me. Write your life story, as if you were a superhero. We’ve all seen more than enough superhero movies to do this with ease. Really let your imagination run wild and imagine what it would be like to be so powerful.

What do you do with all that power? What do you create? How do you spend your time? What exactly are your powers? Where do you play?

Now, you don’t have to follow the typical superhero story. You don’t have to go through the fire in order to birth dragons. You just have to wake up to them and acknowledge them.

They can also be powers that you just simply delight in without all the life-saving and bad guys. Maybe you want the power to make flowers appear magically or the power to go to the moon and back. Have fun with this one and write to your heart’s content. There is no goal. There is nothing you have to do with what comes up. You don’t have to go and figure out how to fly or become Flower Girl. Just feel into your power. Feel the energy pulsing through your veins.

This week’s intention: I am one with my Power. I invite it into my mind, body, and soul. Power radiates through me. I am magnificent.

Go for it, babe!

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