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Reconnect with Your Inner Goddess in Just 5 Secs Using this Energetic Shortcut

July 8, 2019

This little 5-second-miracle is like hitting the energetic refresh button. Ladies, srsly, you’re gonna want to add this to your daily life ASAP. It’s so simple: if you’ve been looking for your inner goddess, here’s how to reconnect with your inner goddess using your breath.

the sensual breath

I came across the sensual breath last year and it was so freeing. I was just beginning to consciously heal my sexual shame, so I still had a lot of resistance to it at the time and my practice fell to the wayside.

but I’m bringing it back into my life on a more regular basis and I wanted to share this simple and elegant technique with you.

What is a Sensual Breath?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! It’s that deep, full, and releasing breath you take when sexually or sensually aroused. It’s your body’s natural release and pleasure response.

If you feel comfortable doing so, try it right now.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, feeling your belly expand.

As you exhale let out a beautiful sensual sigh.

Don’t worry about what it sounds like. Sometimes, mine are dainty and elegant, just enough to move a feather, and other times their guttural and powerful, surfacing a deep yearning and lust.

Simply, allow yourself to release and let the energy flow through your body.

The Effects of Sensual Breathing

Just hearing my sensual breath brings me right back into alignment with my inner goddess. My spine straightens, my inner queen rises and I feel refreshed and recharged. Especially, when I’m having a stressful moment, a sensual breath can come as a sudden shock to my system – reminding me of the goddess that lives within.

This Week’s Challenge:

Reconnect with Your Inner Goddess Through the Sensual Breath

This summer, I’ve been inspiring you to flow with your masculine energy, taking action on those things you’ve been intuitively led to do. This week, we’re continuing the work we’ve begun, intentionally inviting the feminine qualities of ease, release, and fluidity, all of which is captured in the exhale of our breath, to guide us and fuel us as we take that masculine inhale to create.

So, this week’s challenge is simply to incorporate a sensual breath as much as you can. Be the energy of the sensual breath. All throughout the week, look for moments where you’re feeling off-balanced and insert a sensual breath.

When you’re waiting impatiently in line at the grocery store, take a sensual breath and look for ways to bring pleasure to your wait. When you’re rushing to meet a deadline and your brain feels scattered and you can’t think straight, take a sensual breath and invite your intuition to guide you to the next step. In the small and big moments, insert a sensual breath and see how your energy shifts.

This week’s intention: I am one with the goddess within. We breathe and release together. I am at ease with the flow of life.

I hope this practice brings you lots of ease and pleasure this week and reconnects you with your true radiance!

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