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Dare to Bare It All – Encounter & Heal Your Shame Through Art

May 21, 2019

Last year, I shared a “pussy painting,” as I like to call them, which helped me uncover some deep pain that had been festering for years, unacknowledged. I’ve found art to be incredibly healing on my journey to finding how to release sexual shame. In viewing and creating it, I’ve found comfort in shared experiences and expansion in my own desires. I feel myself growing and opening up in ways I never imagined. Things I once shunned, I now allow myself to play and toy with. Much of this newfound courage was birth from watching other women and men dare to be themselves, their curiosity feeding my own. 

This Week’s Challenge: How to Release Sexual Shame Through Art

This week, the final week of our Mastering Lower Emotions Series (and FREE course), I invite you explore your shame and every emotion associated through artistic expression. You may do so by viewing art that’s related to your specific story of shame or create your own.

If you’re creating your own, don’t feel pressured to create a masterpiece or make it make sense in anyway. Simply, pick a canvas, pick a tool, and let it flow from you. We’ve talked a lot about receiving messages from the emotional body in this course. Consider this another way to receive those messages. Let go of expectations and let your emotional body speak for itself. It’ll show you what you need to release. 

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be speaking more on sensuality and pleasure. If you’re struggling with sexual shame, then stay tuned. And pick up a brush or crayon and create your own “pussy painting.” You don’t have to paint your own pussy, I know that step might take some more healing for some of you, but if you feel so led, leap out of that comfort zone: Spread your lips, hear what they have to say, and love what you see. 

This week’s intention: I embrace everything that makes me me. I love my unique form of expression, creation, being, seeing, and doing. I fully accept and love myself. 

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