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How to Release Anger from the Body for Conscious Action & Transformation

April 21, 2019


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For too long we’ve attached anger to destruction. Consider God’s “righteous wrath.” What do you think of? Souls burning? People repenting out of fear? What if anger was constructive and not destructive? In this post, you’re gonna learn how to release anger from the body by receiving the REAL message behind anger and uncovering what it’s trying to tell you.

Release Anger from the Body by Reframing Anger

Anger isn’t the vehicle for destruction and violence. It’s the vehicle for immediate action, a catalyst for lasting change and transformation. We get to choose if that action is constructive or not.

As I’ve been teaching in this series, Mastering Lower Emotions, your physical body is here to help you flourish and thrive and the feelings that manifest in your emotional body are here to do the same. They offer vital information and are meant to help you live the life your soul intended.

When we ignore or numb our anger, we do a great disservice to ourselves.

Personally, I understand the temptation to avoid anger and it’s partner resentment. I grew up in a home that was full of it. I grew up fearing everyone else’s anger, as well as my own. I had no tools to process them. So, I either hid from my anger or lashed out uncontrollably.

We may fear the potency of anger, but this emotion is strong for a reason.

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Anger Demands Immediate Action

Imagine a world without anger. You may think it would lead to immediate peace, but I think it would sooner lead to greater corruption and injustice.

I remember being in 5th grade and I was close friends with a girl in my class that was mentally disabled. I had just moved with my family to a new town and when I looked at her, I saw a friend and not just her disability. Other children did not. One day, I caught a group of boys teasing her and got so angry I came to her defense. They immediately took to making fun of me too.

If it wasn’t for my anger, I most likely wouldn’t have taken action at all. Thoughts of my own social status in that new town would’ve kept me quiet and inactive, just like every other bystander – including those boys in the group who were only taking part because they thought it would keep them in the “in” crowd, despite their better judgment and upbringing.

You see, anger, in its purest form, is actually here to protect you and others in your world. It asks that you take conscious and meaningful action and take it NOW. It also serves as our own internal smoke detector, telling us when something is off-balanced or a serious danger to our safety and wellbeing. It’s like a wake-up call from your emotional body.

Constructively Processing Anger

Due to its immediacy, anger affords little time for us to think, so it’s important to have a plan in place ahead of time for constructively processing your anger in-the-moment. This doesn’t mean that you have to be perfectly self-restorative every time you get angry. Give yourself permission to experience and really feel this emotion. Acknowledge how it feels in your body and the sensations that arise. But, when you notice yourself acting destructively, initiate your process.

My process is simple: First, I acknowledge my anger and the situation. Second, I affirm “I am responsible.” Personally, I find that this affirmation really works wells for me; it’s like a little light switch in my mind. It immediately reminds me that I’m the empowered creator of my world and gets me back into that power frequency and out of any sort of victimhood mentality. Next, I ask: what action am I being led to take here? Then, this step is pretty simple, I take it.

Sometimes, that conversation occurs in lightening speed and, before I finish asking the question, my knowing is activated and I’m led to action. Other times, it takes me a little longer to figure out what exactly is making me so angry and what that action needs to be.

What constitutes “action”

Now, a real quick note on “taking action:” Of course, you might be familiar with the old adage, never make any major decisions when you’re angry, or experiencing any intense emotions, for that matter. I’ve got a few bones to pick with this one, but that’s a conversation for another time. If you’ve been doing the free Mastering Lower Emotions course and body journaling, you’ll find that we are some pretty emotional beings and emotions are such an integral part of our lives. There’s real power in acknowledging them and working with them, instead of trying to avoid or ignore them.

So, for now, I want you to practice simply acknowledging the action your anger wants you to take. Explore it and truly be open to the possibilities that are being presented to you. This process of receiving that insight and acknowledging that desire is also a form of “action.” It’s not a substitute for making major changes, but it’s helpful information on where you may need to go.

After all, change can take a bit of time. You might get angry every time your old car doesn’t start, but may not have the opportunity to receive a new car right that moment. Notice, I didn’t say “you don’t have enough money,” because there’s so many ways the Universe wants to give to us and abundance is not just about money. In this case, you can begin to ask the Universe and open up to all the ways you can get that new car faster than previously planned. In this scenario, your anger was demanding an immediate shift in perspective (from the mindset that there’s only one way to get a new car) and not an immediate trip to the nearest car dealer (though if that’s where you’re being led, go for it!).

Your anger is not really about the other person. It’s about you.

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Anger is a selfish emotion in that it’s mainly concerned with how whatever you’re observing or experiencing is affecting you. Even my anger for the mistreatment of my childhood friend was fueled by my own desire to live in a loving world for my own safety and contentment. My anger initiated my action to come to her defense, while simultaneously ensuring that I did my part to make a loving world possible.

If you’re currently choosing anything that’s not for your highest good or the highest good of the planet, consider what power you have that you’re rejecting. Where have you put yourself or others at risk?

Take a moment and consider those places, people, things, and circumstances that typically trigger your anger. Are you taking appropriate action to ensure your safety and wellbeing? What is it about this situation or person that’s not right for you? Have your boundaries been ignored or disrespected? Did you set boundaries to begin with? Have you put yourself in an unsafe or dangerous environment, relationship, etc.?

Are you giving your power away and acting from a place of fear?  

how to release anger from the body

Unprocessed Anger and Missed Action

Though our emotions request action, it is still simply a request. You get the final word. The action you take due to your anger can be as immediate as removing yourself from a harmful situation or as soft as creating a 3-month plan to find a new job with a boss that actually respects you. What matters is that you do act.

Since anger is such an intense emotion, it’s hard for the emotional body to sustain it at it’s peak intensity. Sure, you may feel anger and irritation after the incident, but that’s only made possible by your reliving and rehashing the past in your mind or with others.

In the moment, anger demands immediate action, but what happens if you don’t take action or make a change and the emotion subsides?

When you don’t act, the situation doesn’t change and you essentially ignore your body’s wisdom. Not acting doesn’t make things go away. It only invites the pain to intensify and your anger to grow. Once you’re taking action to heal or transform a situation, you’ll find that the situation triggers less anger and simply more conscious action.

It’s also good to remember that…

Anger towards others is really anger towards yourself.

Though we may take pleasure in the illusion of victimhood, we’re all connected and keeping yourself in harm, allowing someone to wield a blade against you is the same as if you wielded it yourself.

Anger is Linked to Passion & Purpose

You’ll find that those things that make you angry, don’t always make everyone else angry. That’s because anger is also linked to your soul’s calling and greater purpose in this world. It provides clues to those things that you’re called to act on, in big and little ways. Maybe that’s criminal justice, human trafficking, or cleaning up the ocean – Be aware of those things your soul is calling you to act on.

In this way, true world peace is achieved by our collective, conscious processing of anger. The more we collectively act to create the world we desire, the sooner we achieve greater peace and wellbeing.

when you feel angry, think action

So, the next time you experience anger, remember your power, Goddess. As the creator of your world and daughter of this Universe, how are you being called to act? What choices can you make to create greater in your world?

Embrace your anger and the fire within.

What to do When Anger Transforms into Resentment

If your anger is towards the actions of another person, especially a loved one, shift your attention inwards. You can’t control other people’s behaviors, so be sure to check-in with yourself. Are you taking similarly destructive action? What is your anger revealing about yourself?

I’ve created a Quick Guide to Releasing Resentment. When you sign up for the FREE course, Mastering Lower Emotions, you’ll receive the guide in your Week 3 course materials delivered right in your inbox!

**Update – The Mastering Lower Emotions Free Course is no longer available. You can view the blog posts from the series here.

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