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This Quiz Lets You Know How at Home You Are in Your Body – Take it Now!

July 14, 2020


Goddess, what’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have in your entire life? The one with yourself… and your body! In this week’s podcast, Refriending Your Body, I shared a Body Love Assessment to help you gauge just how comfortable you really are with your body. I’ve written it out here, so you can easily go through the list and refer back to it and your ratings in the future, as you turn your relationship with your body into a thriving, vibrant, and loving one. Take this quiz if you wanna learn how to feel at home in your body and get clear on where to start!

How to Feel at Home in Your Body

Before we can prescribe a “how,” we have to diagnose what’s actually going on. There are so many ways to start reconnecting with your body. From yoga to running marathons to just getting that extra hour of sleep every night, there’s a myriad of ways to start connecting with and truly coming home to your body (and yourself).

This quiz makes it easy for you to get clear on some of the major ways we disconnect and avoid our bodies.

It partly comes from Deepak Chopra’s book, Reinventing the Body. I’m almost halfway through and loving it so much that I’m moving at a snail’s pace because I’m taking so many notes. I highly recommend you give it a read!

In the first couple of chapters, he gives this Body Awareness Assessment to help you gauge your level of comfort (and discomfort) with your body. His list was of about 23 items.

I’ve expanded on Deepak’s list to add some more… well, pussy-centric items 😉 Cuz, if you can run up a flight of stairs and still won’t look at your pussy, I wouldn’t exactly give you an A+ on body comfort. It’s totally cool if looking at your pussy is something you avoid at all cost, but if you really wanna feel at home in your body, this may be something you want to take a closer look at. Pun intended.

So, get your journal out and get started (on your own or head over to ep. 40 and let me give you the royal treatment and walk you through the process in a ceremonious way).

How it Works

For each item on the list, identify your level of enjoyment and comfort with an E, D, U, or T.

E – Enjoyable (you’re comfortable doing this and even seek out opportunities to do so)

D – Don’t Mind

U – Uncomfortable

T – Totally avoid (you wouldn’t approach this with a 10-foot pole)

The Body Love Assessment

Mark each item with an E, D, U, or T, depending on your level of enjoyment and comfort.

  1. Wearing a revealing bathing suit 
  2. Wearing clothes that fit
  3. Looking in a full length mirror, naked and clothed 
  4. Trying on clothes in a store
  5. Dancing
  6. Playing team sports 
  7. Group exercise (i.e. yoga, swimming, group runs, cardio, and fitness classes) 
  8. Hugging 
  9. Snuggling 
  10. Sex with the lights on
  11. Being looked at in public 
  12. Describing how you look physically
  13. Being physically flirtatious 
  14. Thinking about your weight
  15. Being casually touched by a friend or acquaintance 
  16. Hearing others refer to you physically
  17. Siting quietly particularly in public
  18. Attempting physical challenges (hiking, running, climbing stairs, etc.)
  19. Being seen nude by your spouse or lover
  20. Undressing at the gym 
  21. Having your picture taken
  22. Thinking about being touched physically 
  23. Buying a bra, lingerie, or other intimate apparel 
  24. Looking at your pussy with a mirror 
  25. Looking at your anus
  26. Posting photos online or on dating apps 
  27. Self-pleasuring and masturbating 
  28. Self-pleasuring and masturbating without pleasure accelerators such as porn or vibrators  
  29. Touching your breasts or chest 
  30. Talking or thinking about menstruation 
  31. Menstruating, being on your period and handling your menstrual blood 
  32. The natural scent and discharge of your pussy 
  33. Receiving oral sex 
  34. Expanded foreplay 
  35. Intentionally saying no or taking breaks and vacations from work, activities, or social gatherings to physically rest, have sex, experience pleasure, and care for your body

How to Assess Your Ratings

As I mentioned in the podcast, the aim of this quiz isn’t to tally up a score. This is simply a tool to help you grow in awareness about where you’re at with your relationship with your body.

Select 1 or 2 items you rated a U or T and start thinking about how you can transform them into a E or D.

There’s tons of items on this list, so there’s no need to get overwhelmed or try to get everything to an E right away. Start small. I guarantee you you’ll experience ripple effects.

And if your relationship with your pussy is one area you’re ready to work on, take my FREE 7-Day Pussy Love Course. It’ll have you totally in love and comfortable with your pussy and sexuality in just 7 Days! Join Now

And for more tools and practices, subscribe to the Woman Gone Wild Podcast, available on iTunes, Castbox, and Spotifly.

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