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Coaching is not designed to treat or heal mental health concerns and conditions, such as clinical depression, chronic anxiety, addiction, dangerous behavior to self or others, acute or severe trauma etc. Coaching can be a wonderful addition to your wellness plan, but should not be used as the sole form of treatment. It is important to foster a strong support team that you can rely on for regular support.

Coaching is not a replacement for psychotherapy or any medical treatment. If you have mental health concerns, please consult your care team to decide if it is currently appropriate to incorporate coaching.  Please know that I am a trauma-informed practitioner. If you are seeking treatment for acute or severe trauma, please consult a trained trauma specialist.

important - please read

Coaching can sometimes feel very vulnerable. I want to make sure you feel safe, deeply cared for, and well-supported during our time together. What usually makes you feel safe and supported when relating with friends, family, and/or colleagues?

Is there anything else from your sexual/relationship/life history that you would like to share that would be relevant to our work together?

Have you worked with or are you currently working with other space holders, healers, coaches, or therapists? What modalities have you worked with in the past and where are you on your personal healing journey?

Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing 💗Now, how would you describe your life right now? What are you struggling with the most?

Now, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe into your pussy. Open your eyes. What's the desire you didn't list above? What's the thing you're afraid to want?

I help womxn deepen into Pussy Consciousness and use this activation to uplevel their relationships, sex life & career. Why do you desire coaching? What are your current goals?

Are you interested in a 3-Month, 6-Month, or 12-month package?

Apply for Private Coaching by completing the intake form below. I work with only 3 private clients at a time for 3 to 12 months and spots are filling up! Complete your application ASAP!

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Application is approved! And a spot is available. Now, schedule your Pleasure Exploration Call - in this call, you'll share more about your yummy desires.

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I'll craft a custom Coaching Package that has everything you need to achieve your goals. Schedule your Matching Diamonds Call to review your Custom Package and sign up!

You'll receive a response to your application in 2-3 business days. If you have any questions before then, feel free to get in touch!

get pussy-centered coaching to...

expand your orgasm

reclaim your sacred slut

explore pussy consciousness

become a rich bitch 💋

unleash your true essence

fuck like a goddess/x

date like a queen/x

cultivate unstoppable confidence

and take the world by storm!

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